Sen. Paul comments on alternatives for health insurance

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Senate Republicans are in a last-ditch effort to repeal and replace Obamacare and Kentucky's Rand Paul says he has some alternatives in mind some that he's already discussed with the president.

"The big idea that I have that could ensure millions of people I think it's actually going to get done, and guess how much mine costs? $0! It doesn't cost the tax payer anything, it basically legalizes the freedom to join a group to buy your insurance. Most people who have group insurance are happy if you live in my hometown of Bowling Green you work for General Motors a big corporation at the Corvette Factory you have good insurance most of them are happy people with both their job and their insurance. If you work in my town and you're a carpenter and it's you and your wife and that's your business you might be worried that one of you gets sick or that your rates go through the roof. We need to let that carpenter, that pest control guy, that plumber, that doctor, lawyer whoever works in small group we need to let them join a big group and I am working on that and it's a good chance we get it."

Paul is one of the senators who continues pushing the idea of repealing and replacing Obamacare with an alternative.

He also emphasized that this is not a simple issue with a simple solution so it will take some time.