Sen. Rand Paul presses for opening up businesses now!

Published: May. 15, 2020 at 10:59 PM CDT
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Friday night the U.S House of Representatives approved a new three-trillion dollar stimulus package in the fight against COVID-19, but it's chances passing the U.S. Senate are slim to none.

Senator Rand Paul is one of the republicans opposed to the bill. He told me most of the money passed out in previous packages was all borrowed, but now there's no amount of money we can borrow to really save the country.

"They're advocating for more money but there's no rainy day fund in Washington," said Senator Paul. "There is no savings. It has to be borrowed or printed up. And the ramifications of borrowing so much. We're gonna borrow $4 trillion this year. That's never ever been done. We don't even know, we really don't know yet what damage that will have to the economy. So we can't spend any more money in Washington. We should continue unemployment, but unemployment needs to go back to the normal levels of it and uh, like I say, it's not the fault of the workers. I don't blame the workers but we gotta let the businesses open up and get the workers back. And it has to be done soon. Every day we wait more bankruptcies occur, so we gotta get it open soon."

Rand Paul is Kentucky's Junior Senator from Bowling Green.

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