Sen. Rand Paul re-introduces two pieces of coal legislation

A coal power plant, Photo Date: 2006 / Cropped Photo: Arnold Paul / Wikimedia / CC BY-SA 3.0 / (MGN)
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WASHINGTON, D.C. (WBKO) -- Republican Senator Rand Paul of Bowling Green is reintroducing two pieces of legislation he said will have a positive effect on the coal industry.

S. 2104 and S. 2105 both concern New Source Review, which energy companies must undergo upon making certain changes.

Paul's legislature does not eliminate New Source Review, but instead modifies the circumstances under which companies must go through it.

“By changing the criteria for triggering New Source Review, an expensive and burdensome regulatory process," Paul said, "my bills would ensure that power plants are no longer disincentivized from increasing efficiency and making other improvements and modifications, and help prevent Kentucky's coal jobs from falling victim to overbearing regulations.”

Tyler White, President of the Kentucky Coal Association, released a statement of support for both Paul and the two bills.

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