Senator Rand Paul speaks to 13 News about Russian investigations

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) - With the two indictments of Rick Gates and Paul Manafort, Sen. Paul speaks to 13 News about some clarifications on the Russian investigation. Sen. Paul states that the indictments do not have anything to do with President Trump. When the investigation first opened, it was to dig into the allegations of collusion with Russia. Robert Mueller was first hired to look into these allegations in May, but Sen. Paul says collusion is not what Mueller is indicting Gates and Manafort for.


"This has to do with them paying their taxes . I can't really make an argument that they shouldn't have paid their taxes," Senator Paul said.

He also commented that when someone digs into the life of a person, finding dirt is not surprising.

"If a special prosecutor came into our lives, and was able to turn every page of everything we done over the last decade or two, is there a chance that people who aren't bad people be caught up in something like that? Yeah, I've seen it happen a lot," Sen. Paul tells 13 News.

The Kentucky Senator also criticized the amount of power prosecutors hold.

"They just go sifting through everything from the last decade, they find something to latch onto, but it had nothing to do with why they were instituted," Sen. Paul said. "I'm concerned we give so much power to prosecutors." ​

Sen. Paul did not comment on whether or not there would be any other indictments made. 13 News will continue to bring you updates on this investigation as it goes on.

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