UPDATE: Timothy Madden sentenced to life in prison without parole

Photo: Christian County Detention Center
Photo: Christian County Detention Center(WKYT)
Published: Oct. 23, 2019 at 10:50 AM CDT
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The sentencing phase for the Scottsville man convicted of killing and raping a 7-year-old girl in 2015 started in Allen Circuit Court Wednesday morning.

Timothy Madden appeared in the Allen County Judicial Center before Judge Janet Crocker.

The Commonwealth's Attorney started the day by questioning Kentucky State Police Detective Wes Medley. He provided the commonwealth with details about the day of Gabbi Doolin’s murder.

Leading up to a break for lunch the court heard testimony from the forensic analyst who found DNA matching Madden on Doolin’s body.

Tim Adams with KSP took the stand after a break for lunch. He said Madden admitted to being at the football game that night playing hide and go seek with children. Multiple people told police they saw Madden at the game near the bathrooms acting “shady.”

Sergeant Adam Morgan with KSP said once they identified Madden as a person of interest they went to his house where he admitted to taking a bath when he got home. In the tub, police found a pink fiber similar to clothing Gabbi Doolin was wearing.

For police investigating Doolin's death, Wednesday's sentencing was a long time coming.

"You know, it's been a long wait, but you know, as Judge Crocker mentioned this is Gabriella's day and it's what we've been waiting on since, since that night that we got this call today's the day we've been waiting on," said Detective Wesley Medley.

A witness at the game stated she saw Gabbi Doolin playing with two other girls during the football game. She said the girls went to play hide and seek and came back saying they couldn’t find Gabbi. She added one of the girls playing with Gabbi was Madden’s daughter.

Emotions ran high at one point as Brian Doolin yelled in the courtroom. Madden's attorney was whispering to Madden as Amy Doolin was reading her victim impact statement.

“We’ve had four years waiting," Brian Doolin shouted. "He can give her three minutes to say what she needs to say!” Bailiffs escorted Madden out of the room and police escorted both families to separate rooms.

A member of the Madden family yelled “Lock him up” in reference to Brian Doolin’s outburst. Members of the Doolin family yelled back. Judge Crocker ordered them to be separated.

“You took her from us. Why did you do it? There is no reason you could give,” Amy Doolin said as she fought back tears before the outburst in the courtroom.

"This day has been a long time coming and is emotionally painful for the testimony," Judge Crocker addressed the courtroom as sentencing continues. "It is difficult for the Madden family to process this testimony."

"People here today that think justice is being served, it is not. Until I am released and the law arrest the right man," said Madden's attorney reading a statement from Timothy Madden. When asked about why Madden maintained his innocence his attorney added, "I don't know that I have any good answer for that question."

Ahead of Madden's sentencing, Judge Janet Crocker said, "For Mr. Madden to maintain his innocence is an act of a sociopath. There is no doubt he is guilty of these crimes."

Judge Crocker accepted the commonwealth’s recommendation and sentenced Madden to life in prison without parole.

"Please remember Gabbi and today we saw justice for Gabbi Doolin," said Lori Wilson, Gabbi's cousin. "1,439 days, that's what it took and it has been a long day, the family didn't have anything they wanted me to share, but 1, 439 days."


Madden pleaded guilty to Gabbi Doolin's murder and kidnapping and entered an alford plea for rape and sodomy.

Gabbi Doolin was

at a youth football game on the campus of Allen County-Scottsville High School after being reported missing for only thirty minutes. Doolin was found in a creek near the football field by police. Madden was arrested a week later after police confirmed DNA at the crime scene.