Series of animal deaths in Muhlenberg County

GREENVILLE, Ky. (WBKO) -- On May 18th, 2019 the first animal in a series of killings happened off Kennedy Brasher Road.

"The first incident occurred late May. We had a horse that had been shot throughout the night. Sometime after that we had two donkeys that were shot and killed." said PIO for the Muhlenberg County Sheriff's Department, Alex Piper.

And again On July 4th, what owners thought were fireworks ended up being gun shots.

"Since then we've had an ostrich that had been killed." said Piper.

Police say the timing and proximity of the shootings makes them believe they're connected.

"All of these incidents have occurred just outside of Grenville city limits. And they would be just north of the Todd County line." said Piper.

Steve Newman, the owner of the first animal that was shot, says he too believes the incidents are connected.

"Yeah they're probably all related. It's probably the same people in each incident." said Newman.

Newman said he went to his barn and called for his horses. When one of his horses didn't come, he began to search the field where they graze. That's when he discovered his horse had been murdered.

"I examined him more closely, first with a metal detector. The metal detector went off on the horse's body. And then we flipped him over and saw the bullet holes." said Newman.

Steve says he has a message to the person or persons when they're found.

"Sorry for your luck bud, but you're caught and you're in some deep stuff now." said Newman.

If you have any information about these murdered animals you're urged to call the Muhlenberg County Sheriff's Department at (270)-338-3345.

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