Seven-year-old Edmonson County boy calls for help after grandfather collapses in field, saves his life

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MAMMOTH CAVE, Ky. (WBKO) -- Family is crediting a seven-year-old's heroic actions for saving his grandfather's life.

Seven-year-old Logan Powell likes to deal with a variety machinery.

"I know how to work on lawnmowers, vacuums all kinds of stuff like that," said Powell.

Cell phones are also something he knows about, and luckily this "phone whiz" was with his grandpa, Leroy Childress last Saturday.

On the way home from Powell's ball game, Leroy pulled over to look for arrowheads in a cornfield. Shortly after wandering around, Childress collapsed.

"My legs just wouldn't hold me up for whatever reason, never had that problem before," said Childress.

Never losing consciousness, Leroy gave his grandson lifesaving directions.

"He told me here's the keys go get the phone. After that, I just rushed to the car and got the phone out," explained Powell.

The remarkably calm child began calling for help.

"I was doing it quick, I'm like, that's what I was like, I was doing it so fast," said Powell.

Quick on his feet, or rather hands, didn't seem to do any good in the remote countryside.

"I went walking around the cornfield and finally found signal though," explained Powell.

Powell finally got enough signal to call family and tell them what happened, relaying directions he was getting from Childress.

"Between the directions I gave my wife and he gave his mom, they found us," said Childress.

Childress could have been on the ground in the sun's heat for much longer than an hour and a half if it wasn't for his grandson.

"He told me like, if you wasn't there I could have died," said Powell.

Four days in the hospital and endless tests never did determine what caused Childress to collapse.

"Whenever he was at the hospital he kept on bragging and telling everyone how good I was saving his life," said Powell.

However, one thing is certain -- Logan Powell is a hero.

"Just him being seven years old he done an awful good job," said Childress proudly.

While many seven year olds are celebrating the end of first grade, this hero is rejoicing for the fact that he gets to spend another day, like every day, with his Papaw, making memories on the farm. After all, it's what they do best.

"I can't do nothing unless he's right on my heels," said Childress.

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