Sheriff's Office: More arrest(s) anticipated in case against mother who abused, human trafficked own children

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OHIO COUNTY, Ky. (WBKO) -- Shelly Hayes, the mother in Ohio County who was indicted by a grand jury on over 140 charges.

The charges include the rape and human trafficking of her own children.
13 News reporter, Kelly Dean went to Ohio County Thursday for the latest on this case.

It started in May when social services contacted the sheriffs office, saying there were allegations of sexual abuse in the home of Shelly Hayes. On May 23 an arrest was made.

"That day quite a few interviews were done and statements were given, by about afternoon we had made the arrest," said Detective Katie Pate, Ohio County Sheriff's Office.

Seven of Hayes's children were taken from her custody after the initial arrest where she was charged nine counts of child abuse.

"As far as I know everyone under 18 is in some kind of state care," said Detective Pate.

After being indicted by a grand jury recently, the indictment lists 142 charges, one including human trafficking that was added after the initial arrest.

"The Commonwealth Attorney's Office sat down and looked at charges about the case and facts of the case, and they reviewed all the victim's statements statements, and deemed it necessary to charge the human trafficking as one of the charges," said Detective Pate.

Detective Pate says this investigation is far from over.

"We take allegations like this seriously, especially when children come forward," said Detective Pate.

The sheriff’s office is currently following leads that they say indicate there’s another suspect involved.

"Other arrests are anticipated," said Detective Pate.

The children's ages range from adolescent to late teens.

"An investigation that just started, but we're talking about allegations that stem back to early childhood," said Detective Pate.

We reached out to Hayes in jail, but she refused to interview.

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