Sheriff's department hands out $100 dollar bills instead of citations in Warren County

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) On Wednesday, the sheriff's department pulled drivers over, but not to give them a citation, but rather a $100 dollar bill.

The Warren County Sheriff's Department alongside the Presbyterian Church of Bowling Green joined together for the fifth year in a row for their Good Samaritan effort.

Deputy Chris Shelton drove around Warren County pulling cars over, he said, "To see the positive we see so much negative a lot of folks when they deal with us it's like their worst day and this is not, this is a positive thing."

From one driver to another, Shelton says "It's nice to see people's reaction, you know, they're expecting a negative response, they're expecting a citation and they get a one hundred dollar bill it's priceless!"

"We're appreciative we get to be the Santa Claus, thanks to the Presbyterian Church that we get to do that," says Shelton.

The donations to the Presbyterian Church are anonymous.

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