Sheriff's office: be patient with back to school traffic

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BOWLING GREEN, Kentucky (WBKO) -- According to the Warren County Sheriff's Office, traffic almost always picks up in school zones during the first couple weeks of school, even more so than other weeks throughout the year.

"What I see a lot is the first few weeks of school," said Sgt. Curtis Hargett, "parents want to take their kids to school and pick them up, and that's great."

Hargett explained that the multitude of parent drivers may be the reason there's some level of congestion at certain schools, including Rich Pond Elementary.

"The problem that we're seeing at the Rich Pond/South Warren area is the traffic on Rich Pond Road - Highway 242," he said. "The school buses for Rich Pond Elementary come in here, and due to the traffic backup, they're not able to pull in, which causes delays in getting the children home."

Rich Pond Elementary is not alone. Several schools across the district experience similar problems. Drivers trying to turn left off Russellville Road Jennings Creek Elementary experienced problems, according to Hargett.

Often times, the deputies making sure traffic runs smoothly are the same school resource officers (SRO) that patrol the schools.

"Deputies that are assigned to certain areas in the county are actually assigned to school zone traffic," said Hargett.

The Warren County Sheriff's Office urged drivers near school zones to pay close attention to the roadways to keep everyone safe, including students.

Sgt. Hargett praised the Warren County School System for their eagerness to work toward solutions to these traffic problems in a timely manner.

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