Shop with a Trooper gifts kids a merry Christmas

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- Shop with a Trooper has been helping less fortunate kids in the community for several years now.

Kentucky State Police troopers are known for enforcing the laws, but on Thursday their cruisers sit parked as they help children pick out their favorite toys and clothing at Meijer in Bowling Green.

"They get to be with people that normally are in bad situations when we're with them, whether it's an accident or a criminal complaint, they get to see a different side of us and we get to kind of put our guard down and hang out with them and develop a bond with them that, hopefully, they can use the rest of their life," said retired KSP Trooper Jonathan McChesney.

"We want them not to be scared of the police, but to let them know it's somebody they can come to when they're in trouble," added MT Jeremy Hodges.

39 kids were able to benefit from tonight's program.

All of the children were given $150 to spend on whatever they desired in the store. All of those funds coming from donations.

Known for their stern nature and often only seen in a negative light, these troopers don't get enough credit for their servant's hearts.

"It's important for us to get the message across that we do care, and that's the basis behind Shop with a Trooper," Hodges said.

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