Signature HealthCARE’s Morgantown Care & Rehabilitation Center is celebrating many victories over COVID-19

Published: May. 22, 2020 at 1:23 PM CDT
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Since its first confirmed positive case on April 6th, Signature HealthCARE of Morgantown has been in a proactive battle with this virulent enemy we call Coronavirs and its related illness, COVID-19.

Signature HealthCARE of Morgantown has 75 victories over the coronavirus to celebrate.

As of the release of this statement, Signature HealthCARE of Morgantown has had a total of 144 positive COVID-19 cases including 100 residents and 44 staff members.

Of those 100 residents, 36 have since recovered and have been moved off the COVID-19 only unit.

Of the 44 staff members, 39 have recovered and, their calling remaining strong, the majority returned to work to fight the virus that fought them.

While CDC guidelines only require one negative test to deem a resident COVID-free, out of an abundance of caution and the utmost safety for all, Signature HealthCARE’s company standard is two negative tests.

They believe the proactive protocol has resulted in the most encouraging news of all, that Signature HealthCARE of Morgantown has not had any new positive resident cases in the last 23 days and no new positive staff cases in 17 days.

Signature HealthCARE of Morgantown believes a great deal of this success lies within the facility’s initiation of a facility-wide test-based strategy; testing all residents and staff after the first confirmed cases.

This is now the standard testing strategy for Signature HealthCARE.

While these results are exhilarating, we cannot forget those of our Morgantown family who have passed.

This virus has taken the lives of 10 of our beloved residents.

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