Simpson County Deputies warning residents of higher water levels on low-lying bridges

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SIMPSON CO., Ky. (WBKO) -- After the current rainfall in south central Kentucky, the Simpson County Sheriff's Office is warning of impassable roadways in rural areas as higher water levels accompany heavy rainfall.

"A few inches of water is all it takes."

When it comes to driving on low-lying water crossings, Simpson County Sheriff Jere Dee Hopson has a simple message, "don't try it. Not at all"

Sheriff Hopson says "a few inches of water over the bridge, can sweep your vehicle away."

Last year, one driver lost their life at a water crossing at Kenny Perry Drive.

"Once a vehicle is swept over the bridge you're somewhat helpless." -- Sheriff Hopson.

The Sheriff's Office goal is to keep you safe, and sometimes that task comes down to drivers taking the sheriff's office's advice.

"We have a good response time in Simpson County, but by the time we get the call and get out there, it's probably going to be too late."

Even if the Sheriff's Office gets to you in time, they may not be able to help.

"What we're talking about is fast moving water."

And if you're thinking your car is any more capable than another, think again.

"All-terrain vehicles don't do you any good as far as the low-bridge crossings that we're speaking about. The water will still pick you up and push you."

Sheriff Hopson says if you need to cross these bridges to get where you're going there are other ways to get around.

If you're unsure of other ways you can call the sheriff's office or the Kentucky State Police in your area.

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