Simpson County bridge reopens after weekend flooding

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FRANKLIN, Ky. (WBKO) -- The low water bridge off Kenny Perry Drive in Franklin is now reopen after it closed this weekend due to flooding.

The National Weather Service has issued a flood watch for various counties in our area including Simpson County, expected to last until Thursday night.

"Our county has a few low water crossings and they're a continued issue when the creeks get up," says Simpson County Judge-Executive, Jamie Spears.

He goes on to say, "We have measures in place to close those roads and we always do when the water is over them."

The barriers consist of several signs, starting miles out from the bridge, warning drivers that it's impassable during high water. However, at their own risk, drivers can still find their way around the final barrier, which partially covers the roadway.

"The thought was to make it a barrier that actually crosses the roadway. It's kind of at your own risk if you go around them because they are there to say that the road is closed," adds Spears.

"It's pretty typical whenever we get a large amount of rainfall for us to have to close those roads," he says, adding that there are alternate routes to get people where they need to go if the bridges are blocked off.

When it comes to creating a more permanent form of protection when crossing the low water bridges, he says it's not necessarily as simple as putting up rails or totally blocking off the road.

Spears says, "Some of the issues for putting a permanent barrier up, you know if you had it completely blocked and guard-railed-- one is the expense of it. Two is those will have to be close to the creek and then there has to be a turn-around area, or they have to back up and so forth."

He goes on to say, "And you also have to consider if there is an emergency situation, if you have a permanent barrier there where you can't get there and somebody does get in the creek, how does the EMS get there? You would have to have personnel there to open and close it if you had them locked for emergency personnel or if somebody had to get to the creek."

Officials are urging people to use caution when crossing the low water bridges.

"Any time there is water over a roadway or standing water that you don't know the depth of it and it's moving water, you should stay out of it," adds Spears.

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