Special Report: Momtrepreneurs

Published: Feb. 20, 2017 at 10:54 AM CST
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Four moms, three businesses, Brittany Young is the Certified Celebrator and mom to three-year-old Brady.

"I've always loved holidays and I've always loved to decorate for the holidays and I've always loved to throw a party," explains Brittany.

Brittany started her business part-time six years ago. She began by teaching painting classes and started a blog about crafting, cooking, and a little bit of everything in-between.

"I think I've been crafting and DIYing since I was a little girl."

Now instead of painting classes, Brittany hosts a subscription based virtual paint party. Her business has also expanded to being a brand ambassador as Brittany explains:

"I would sell the products through that blog post so if I do a Facebook live video and recommend a product, I make a commission of the products we use and I do a lot of individual sponsored work"

She also coaches future momtrepreneurs:

"I just have a passion for mommas who, I can get emotional, who want to work from home."

For the Posh Pushers, their business was a labor of love.

"I wanted something to wear when I had her that was more than the traditional hospital gown," said Emily Campbell.

Emily Campbell and Kim Roemer are Labor and Delivery nurses who love nursing, monogramming, and their children as Kim explains:

"We'd both be on night shift, working 12 hour shifts, and come home, and still want to spend time with our families."

While working at the hospital, they saw moms come in with the same problem:

"Mommas would bring in their own outfit to wear and when they had their baby, whether it be a nightgown or a t-shirt , they weren't always functional"

Emily and Kim decided to start creating fun and functional hospital gowns in their spare time. They began sewing the gowns at the kitchen table after working full-shifts at the hospital.

"We would sit there with our babies in the floor with both of our sewing machines at the kitchen table," said Emily.

"We would work full-time hours at the hospital, but we'd work full-time hours doing this, so we were working non-stop," said Kim.

Both Kim and Emily became part-time at the hospital so they could focus on Posh Pushers

full-time and it's become a family affair as Emily tell us:

"The kids just kind of come and go, they might help get gowns out of the bins to wrap or pick up the trash, or bring us ribbon."

Our third business we profiled started as a small scrapbooking start-up and has become a company that made 9.2 million dollars in revenue in 2015.

"To see it go from my kitchen island to a huge warehouse, it's really unbelievable," said April Foster, the CEO of INKED.

What began as Studio Calico has now expanded to be Inked Brands. They work with social media "influencers" to monetize their following as April explains:

"We're able to design stores, develop products, bring them to market, that are meaningful and relevant to that audience."

April Foster and her husband now have four children so life is even more busy.

"I knew from the start that I'd have to be very organized and routine based to be able to meet my work obligations and also be a good mom."

Being a mom and a CEO, April understands the strain her employees may have trying to balance work and home.

"The flexibility is nice. I can set my own schedule, just like I hope the other women here feel like they can set their own schedule. We're a results driven company," said April.

As these four women continue to work on their businesses... they have some ideas for aspiring momtrepreneurs.

"You just have to go for it, you don't have to have all the steps in place," said Emily.

"Research the industry that you want to get into and make sure that's where you want to be because you never know where it will take you," explained April.

"Just step out and do it," said Kim.

"I want to give them a hug and say you can totally do this," said Brittany.