St. Joseph School exploring possibility of starting Catholic high school

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- Saint Joseph Interparochial School is gauging the community's interest and feasibility of bringing a private Catholic high school to the area.

Monday evening, a committee consisting of a variety of members like school administrators and others from the parish, presented their research in determining what kind of high school they could foresee. They wanted to determine if there was the proper amount of interest in having one.

Prior to the evening, the school that currently caters to ages from preschool to eighth grade, put out an interest survey to the community to see if they should have further discussion about creating a high school.

They reviewed the results with those in attendance, showing that it had garnered a majority percentage of positive interest and feedback from those who had responded.

St. Joseph parents and other community members with a vested interest in furthering the availability of a Catholic education in the area, raised concerns about having an accredited curriculum with proper support, career pathway connections, and more.

"I believe that this is very much worthy of our attention to see if there are enough people here to support a Catholic high school. There may not be, but we hope that perhaps that will happen," said Winnie Cohron, a public school educator whose granddaughter attends St. Joseph School.

The school's principal said he was glad to hear opinions from the community on what this kind of school should look like, and what the committee should be doing more research on.

"I was glad to learn things, too, about what we need to be researching even further. We learned as much from the people here that they learned from us, so I am glad that people are asking thoughtful questions so we can keep exploring data," said Rodney Schwartz, principal of Saint Joseph School.

"What we need to do is offer a place where students can come have a strong academic foundation, and also a great religious environment for them to learn about all the things they need to learn about to become great citizens and great contributors to our society -- especially our Bowling Green area -- and we feel like that this would be a great place to do it," said Schwartz.

A second interest meeting will be held next month at 6 p.m. It will be on May 2 at Holy Spirit Catholic Church.