UPDATE: Steamer Seafood recovering after structure fire

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- After severe weather struck the region Saturday night, a local restaurant is working to recover from the damage.

The owner of Bowling Green restaurant Steamer Seafood, Dale Augenstein, said a lightning bolt struck a transformer, causing a fire to start on the roof. The power went off momentarily while guests dined but the lights then turned back on.

"We thought business was going to go on as usual, and then we stepped outside and noticed, there's a live wire," said Justin Hobbs, a host at the restaurant.

"A few moments later, we started seeing a little bit of smoke and it started smelling a little weird in the building. That's when we stepped outside and we called the fire department immediately," he continued.

Justin went on to say, "But at the moment we started evacuating the building, smoke started billowing in. And as I stepped out of the door, the whole back behind me was filled with smoke."

The Bowling Green Fire Department was called to the scene Saturday night and extinguished the small blaze. Officials said everyone was evacuated safely with no reported injuries.

"The fire department did an absolutely fantastic, awesome job. None of the firemen were hurt. We were pleased about that," Augenstein said.

He goes on to say, "And, now we'll deal with the next phase, which will be determining what type of damages are here, which we don't know, because sometimes the damages are not seen to the naked eye."

Augenstein said the restoration process began early Sunday morning. The building experienced mostly water damage in isolated areas. It's still unclear when they can re-open.

"We appreciate everyone's loving support. And it's been a wonderful outreach from the entire community," Augestein said. "But we'll be back as soon as we can."

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