Stony Point Volunteer Fire Department hosts free health fair

FRANKLIN, Ky. (WBKO) -- The Stony Point Volunteer Fire Department hosted a free health fair for the community in Allen County Saturday afternoon.

The Stony Point Fire Chief says he wanted the community to know local resources available to them and the fair was something they needed.

"It is something that our community has kind of been lacking on here lately and we have a lot of businesses around this local area and everything that provide a lot of good services that we thought we could bring to the community and the county," said Mike Hughes, Stony Point Fire Chief. "So, just kind of raise awareness on what's available for everybody."

The community was able to receive free health screenings including blood pressure, sleep tests, BMI tests, and more.

The overall purpose of the event was to gather information and resources available to them from Medical Center-Scottsville, Allen County Health Department, Allen County Sheriff's Department among several others.

The fire department also set up a water slide outside the station for some summer fun for the kids.

The vendors say they want the community to know that there are a variety of resources available in Allen County.

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