Strikes continue as auto-centric cities feel the effects

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(WBKO/CNN) -- With no immediate end in sight for UAW strikes against General Motors, economists say Detroit's economy is feeling the effects worse than others after three full weeks of striking.

One economist says Michigan is experiencing a one-state recession as a result of prolonged disagreement between UAW and GM.

Auto workers in Detroit and in Bowling Green are getting $250 in strike pay each week. They say that amount doesn't compare to their normal wages.

Maderia Pritchett is striking in Detroit.

"There's a lot of people here with children," Pritchett said. "It's very hard, you know. Having to explain to your children that you're going to have to tighten belts."

In Bowling Green, workers from the Ford plant in Louisville came down with food and spent time with their GM counterparts at the Corvette plant.

Those striking said they are still determined to persist until they come GM gives them what they say they are owed.

"This isn't about us, right here, right now," Pritchett said. "This is about future generations."

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