Student-built horse sculpture to be featured on Franklin square

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FRANKLIN, Kentucky (WBKO) -- Welding students at Franklin-Simpson High School are contributing to the beauty of Historic Downtown Franklin with a seven-foot sculpture made only of horseshoes and chains.

The roughly 400-pound horse sculpture will be officially introduced into the community Thursday during a dedication ceremony.

The horse, known now as Melvin the Magnificent, was modeled after a similar statue that welding students had made years prior.

Amy Ellis of the Franklin-Simpson Renaissance has wanted the square to feature a similar sculpture since she saw the original one, and says it's special for that to become a reality.

"You've got to think about how many different hands touched this horse before he made his way to the square and how many students worked on this," she said. "With it being a project that the students did, I think that's going to help us preserve him."

Amy Ellis wants to thank city officials for allowing her to bring Melvin to his new home, and thank the students for their hard work.

Franklin-Simpson Renaissance was responsible for taking out the fountain that once stood on that corner of the square where Melvin now stands.

The horseshoes used in the sculpture were donated by Paul and Jennifer Eastridge of Bar E Farms Farrier Service.

The dedication for Melvin is Thursday at 9 a.m.

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