Students read to animals at the Bowling Green Warren County Humane Society

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) - English as a Second Language students from Warren County Schools bonded with animals at the Bowling Green Warren County Humane Society by reading to the animals.

This activity helps boost the students confidence and with their fluency as Cathy Garrison a teacher at Lost River Elementary explains:

"My students are coming from a diverse array of backgrounds and have overcome many situations and many of them are fearful of reading in front of their peers in the classroom, they're afraid they're going to be made fun of or laughed at."

The animals are non-judgmental and love unconditionally so it makes the students feel more comfortable as Zaid Jaber, a student at Moss Middle explains:

"It's nice, it helps us to read because most people [are] shy when they [are] new here and shy to talk. This program help[s] us read and to talk to each other."

This activity also helps socialize the animals to help them get adopted sooner.

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