Study shows need for VA nursing home in Bowling Green

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FRANKFORT, Ky. (WBKO) -- After years of waiting, good news for veterans in south central Kentucky!
A feasibility study by the Kentucky Department of Veterans Affairs says this region ranks first with the highest demand in the state for veterans nursing home services.

State Senator Mike Wilson of Bowling Green and State Representative Michael Meredith of Brownsville each have bills in the state legislature calling for the construction of a 90-bed veterans nursing home in Bowling Green.

And now with this study showing the greatest need here, they're excited about the opportunity to get federal funds. "It moves us up on the federal list," said Sen. Wilson, "so as they're going down looking for approving the next ones, it will put us in line to get it finally approved."

"Y'know we have 40,000 veterans in the 17 counties of south central Kentucky," said Rep. Meredith, "and this facility will serve that population. And so for a place like Bowling Green, that's so centrally located in our south central Kentucky region, it's needed here."

They say construction will cost $30 million; $20 million from the feds and $10 million from the state. The ITA is donating land in the Kentucky Transpark for the building site.

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