Update: Pond near Auburn drained, looking for more possible human remains

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AUBURN, Ky. (WBKO) – UPDATE, 12/7/2017

Kentucky State Police say they will be draining a pond in Auburn in search of more possible human remains after a skull was found in the area earlier this week.

It’s unclear how long the skull may have been here or where it came from. Animals and other factors could have played a part in the skull’s decomposition.

The Logan County Coroner says the teeth are still intact and will be cross-referenced with dental records to look for a match.

UPDATE, 12/05/17 ------

With a population of just over 1300, finding suspected human remains in the small town of Auburn may have been the last thing folks expected to hear about Tuesday.

The remains were found in a woods area off Willow Pond Road, off of US 68-80.

"At approximately 12:12 this afternoon, we received a call from the Logan County Sheriff's department in reference to suspected human remains that were located in a wooded area," says Lt. Jeremy Smith, Kentucky State Police.

Police say local hunters made the initial call when they found the suspected remains, Logan County Sheriff responded who then contact Kentucky State Police.

"Upon arrival, KSP detectives located what appeared to be human remains," says Lt. Smith.

The remains were taken to the Madisonville Exmainer's office for further examination.

"The medical examiners office will have to determine what those were and ID what we located," says Lt. Smith.

According to the Kentucky State Police website, there are 20 cold cases in the area. Two of those cases are a male and female who went missing in the 90's.

An investigation is under way after human remains were found Tuesday in Logan County.

The Kentucky State Police was contacted by the Logan County Sheriff’s Office after suspected human remains were found by hunters in a wooded area on Willow Pond Road near Auburn.

KSP detectives, the Logan County Coroner’s Office, and Logan County Sheriff’s department were all on the scene Tuesday evening.

The suspected human remains will be taken to the Medical Examiner’s Office in Madisonville for further examination.

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