Suspicious package found at our Gray WKYT-TV station

WKYT Lexington
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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT / WBKO) -- UPDATE: Police have given an "all clear" after a suspicious package was found at WKYT.

Lexington police and fire responded to the television station on Winchester Road to investigate.

Our newscasts continued without interruption as police secured our building. A bomb robot was at the scene to assist in handling the package.

The package had no postage and was addressed to "ABC News Director." The package contained a t-shirt saying "unite to fight childhood cancer."

"The call to Lexington police was made because a package found in the parking lot by live trucks 30 minutes after a man without an appointment at the station, demanded to speak to a reporter and was peeking into windows," news director Robert Thomas said.

The situation lasted approximately two hours.


A suspicious package was found in our Gray sister station WKYT's parking lot late today prompting heavy police response.

Lexington police and fire personnel are at the television station on Winchester Road to investigate.

Emergency officials are there and the bomb squad has arrived.

Police are currently in the process of securing the building as WKYT's newscasts continued without interruption.

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