T.J. Samson addresses privacy breach

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GLASGOW, Ky. (WBKO) - T.J. Samson Community Hospital says some of its patients may have been affected by a privacy incident involving access to patient records.

The hospital says on its website two employees with an independent health care provider accessed patient records outside their normal job duties.

The hospital says it has not seen any indication that the information was inappropriately disclosed, but they have set up a hotline for questions.
The number to call is 866-796-2161.

In a statement to 13 News, T.J. Samson says:

"T.J. Samson has made all necessary and appropriate notifications relating to the unauthorized access in accordance with all applicable laws. To ensure sufficient resources are available to address questions from patients who received notification, T.J. Samson is working with a call center to answer general questions. The toll-free number 866-796-2161 is available for affected patients to call. T.J. Samson has and continues to respond to patient inquiries that cannot be addressed by call center representatives. T.J. Samson has no indication that the individuals printed or otherwise downloaded information for later use, and has received no information indicating that any of the accessed information has been further used or disclosed by the individuals. T.J. Samson terminated access for the individuals involved and is taking additional steps to prevent similar unauthorized access from occurring in the future."

You can see the hospital's full statement here.

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