SPECIAL REPORT: The Art of Craft Beer

BOWLING GREEN, KY. (WBKO) --- The craft beer movement has brought a number of new tastes to the everyday beer drinker and sparked interest to those not so familiar.

"I think people just want to have a different taste. Your taste buds change every seven years," said Chris Karraker, Blue Holler Brewery owner.

"When I go out to a restaurant, especially when they have beer, the first thing I look for is local," said bar patron, Ronald Fabbo.

Chris and Beverly Karraker own one of the few breweries in this area, Blue Holler Brew Supplies and Brewery, which started close to four years ago at a small space just down the road from their current location off the Western Bypass.

"There we didn't have a brewery, we had everything for home brew supplies. We started out with 15 taps, after a year we went to 20 taps," Karraker said.

Chris' wife, Beverly, got the idea when traveling to a home brew store in Nashville.

"We got down there, she gets a beer, she's walking around, she's like 'this place is really cool, someone should do this in Bowling Green,' and I was like, yeah I totally should," Karraker said.

Chris had been making his own beer at home for several years, so they decided to go for it and brought craft beer to Bowling Green.

"I compare Bowling Green to a 21-year-old who's never had alcohol," said Karraker.

Craft beer is made in a smaller capacity and the big difference between craft and traditional domestics comes down to one thing.

"Flavor profile, a lot of domestic lights all focus on a light, easy drinking, almost a summer type drink," Karraker said.

Beer consists of malts, hops, yeast, and water, it is useful to know how to find and appreciate those ingredients.

"Craft beers, there's so many different flavors, variations of flavors, aromas that come out of it. Just simply take your time and a minimum of three sips before you decide whether you like it or not," said Karraker.

That's not to say you should sit down and swirl your beer like a glass of fine wine, but when trying craft beers, it's worth the extra sip or two.

"If someone tells me they don't like craft beer, it tells me that they have not tried enough of 'em because there is a flavor profile for everybody," sad Karraker.

But with craft beers, you have to keep in mind they tend to have a higher alcohol percentage.

"We've had as much as 18% in a beer here. So, you have to take all of that into consideration and education helps the community grow," Karraker said.

He also says when it comes to beer, it is quality of quantity. "Here I think we get a lot more people that come in and have only one to three beers. There's more flavor to it, there is more alcohol in some of them so you have to be careful with your ABV (alcohol by volume)."

When it comes to craft beers, keeping an open mind is key.

"So, I like to try their beer, certain beer that I've never had before. I love to support local beers, local breweries, local anything, 'cause you never know, you might find something that is great," Fabbo said.

"It is more of really whether it makes you happy or not," Karraker said.

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