Teen creates bow ties for shelter animals

NEWARK, N.J. (WCBS/CNN) - A New Jersey teen has taken a skill he learned to help him improve his motor skills and turned it into a business to help animals find their forever home.

A New Jersey teen’s bow ties help pets get adopted. (Source: CNN)

Thirteen-year-old Darius Brown has a passion for animals, a heart of gold and a booming business called Beaux and Paws. He makes adorable, unique bow ties to help shelter cats and dogs get adopted.

“I feel like if they’re wearing my bow tie, it gives them the cuteness or dapperness they need to find their forever loving home,” Darius said.

Darius says he desperately wanted to help the dogs that were being rescued and brought from the hurricane that devastated parts of Florida and Texas.

“While I was watching the news, I saw people were helped as much as possible, but I didn’t see any cats or dogs at all. I made it my mission to help as many dogs and cats as I possibly can,” he said.

He put his sewing skills to work, a trade his big sister taught him at just eight years old to help him cope with a fine motor skills delay. Sine then, Darius has been sending colorful, stylish and unique bow ties to shelters across the globe.

“He now has this thing where he spins the wheel and selects a state and animal shelter. At first, it was just local, then we realized it’s more than just home,” his sister Dazhai Shearz said.

The business has primarily focused on dogs, but on Friday, at Jersey City’s Liberty Humane Society in New Jersey, Darius donated some of his bow ties to cats.

“When you see a cat in a cage without a collar, without anything soft, it distances you from the animal," Irene Borngaeber with Liberty Humane Society said. “By humanizing them by dressing them up, we make it more possible for them to find their adoptive home.”

There are 70% more cats than dogs in animal shelters on the East Coast and Darius wants to do his part to help them get out.

Moving forward, he hopes to make a career of this and one day, he plans to open his own animal shelter.

Darius has a GoFundMe to raise money for his adoption efforts. He was named GoFundMe’s Kid Hero of Jan. 2020.

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