A happy ending for Spot the 'miracle dog'

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SCOTTSVILLE, Ky. (WBKO) -- Last week 13 News introduced you to Spot, an abandoned dog with a gunshot wound who was rescued by a Scottsville man.

Last time 13 News saw Spot he was very sleepy, coming off his surgery medicine, but today, ten days later it was a complete 180.

"Since we last talked spot recovered amazingly, the next day he acted just like a puppy would," saids Tim Robinson, the man who rescued Spot.

He's now walking, eating and loving on everyone.

"He's a very happy, very loving puppy," said Robinson.

An almost one year old puppy, hard not to fall in love with.

"One of our co-workers brought their daughter to meet him and he was very gentle with her. He recognized that she was a small child and he sat down, and he was very gentle and that's not something you see very commonly with puppies," said Robinson.

After the first story aired, the original owner reached out to Robinson saying he'd gone missing. However, they let Robinson keep him since he saved his life.

"No signs that he's been dramatically changed or anything, he's just every other puppy now," said Robinson.

The community showed up big after the Robinson's held a fundraiser for Spot's medical bills last night.

"We're very thankful for all the donations that we got, the showing of support from the community. We were able to fully recover his veterinary bills," said Robinson.

The Robinson family is no stranger to rescuing pups.

"We've taken in plenty of dogs before, and found them new homes," explained Robinson.

However, Robinson said a new home for Spot might not be in the works anytime soon.

"He was just one of the unique dogs that we're not really ready to give him up. I think he'll probably be staying with us."

How the cards played out it all just seems meant to be.

"To see him survive when he otherwise wouldn't have was a very good experience," said Robinson.

Spot, now with just a scar that tells a story with a happy ending.

Between last night's fundraiser and the GoFundMe page, the Robinson's even raised an extra $200 which they donated to the Scottsville Animal Hospital to use on other dogs like Spot.

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