Tennessee Titans, Bearded Villains among those cleaning up, volunteering in Nashville

Published: Mar. 6, 2020 at 5:26 PM CST
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Cleanup in North Nashville continued Friday with volunteers picking up the pieces of what is left of the homes on 16th Avenue North.

Some very special volunteers made their way through the streets of North Nashville headed to Lee Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church, the main supply center for those affected by tornado damage in North Nashville.

"We have one group that's assisting with hot food delivery and things like that throughout the neighborhood," said Josh Corey, Director of Community Relations for the Tennessee Titans. "We have one group who is assisting with getting supplies needed here to Lee Chapel."

Players, coaches, and staff with the Tennessee Titans were on hand to deliver some much-needed supplies to North Nashville.

Head Coach Mike Vrabel jumped in the line to unload trucks with supplies coming from all over the city.

"There's just so many people in need and, you know, I have had a few moments where I've just sat there and said, 'Wow, this is amazing', but it's so nice to see all the people come together to support the community," said Corey.

One block over volunteers went house to house checking to see if anyone needs help.

Colin Little was one in a group of about 20 out cleaning up with friends from across the US.

"We already had a big event planned for Friday night and Saturday night with people coming from across the country I'm talking California to Baltimore," said Little.

Little is the captain of the Bearded Villians of Tennessee.

Saturday is their Nash-Vegas Beard Competition and since members were coming to town Friday, they decided to lend a hand.

"We started and luckily we found a spot like, 'Hey, we need the debris off these power lines so they can get it back up' so we felt good about that because we were cleaning up and, you know, there was an end state to it, so yeah it's just help wherever you can," said Little.

This weekend the Bearded Villians are celebrating their brotherhood and while having a good time they raise money for those with a congenital heart defect.

In light of the tornado, their beards will be groomed and flaunted to also raise money for tornado relief.

"You see it on TV a lot, but you never like walk through the streets and see, you know, houses on top of houses, roofs off, trees down, houses just completely gone," said Little.

These men have big beards and even bigger hearts.