Testing the cold: freezing bubble experiment

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- If you've spent any time outside the last few days, most all of us can agree it's been very cold. But, just how cold is it?

13 News has covered stories recently on a water main break on 31-W Tuesday morning leaving icy conditions on the roadway, the inaugural SOKY New Year's Eve Bash dropping the ball in freezing temperatures, and ways to keep your pipes from bursting as the cold continues.

There's not much we can do about the cold, so we decided to have a little fun with it on Tuesday, and test out an experiment seen on social media.

It started with mixing up some dish soap and water and then blowing bubbles. Once they landed on the parking lot, it was a waiting game, seeing if they would freeze.

Some didn't last long and popped, but with the freezing temperatures, many of them slowly shrivled up before bursting.

The ones that did survive, froze within a matter of minutes.

You could easily see holes forming as the bubble -- now turned to a very thin sheet of ice -- starts cracking. Even poking it a little with a straw, the bubble had more of a shatter-effect than the typical popping of a bubble.

And cardboard, dipped in the water/dish soap mixture, was left outside for about 10 minutes. Within that amount of time, ice has already formed down the side.

According to the reading at the Bowling Green airport, Tuesday morning we reached a low of two degrees, our coldest temperature since March 2015. That's not too far from the record set back in 1887 of negative five.

Right now, meteorologists say we're supposed to be hitting highs in the 40 degree range, and on Tuesday, we're just hoping to be able to reach the 20s.

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