The Angel Initiative hopes to saves lives with state troopers help

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FRANKFORT, Ky. (WBKO) -- The opioid epidemic is an issue Kentucky faces every single day. Kentucky governor Matt Bevin and state police are saying enough is enough. It's time to tackle this problem head on.

The Angel Initiative is to help those dealing with substance abuse, but it has a little twist. Instead of a sponsor, those with substance abuse problems will be teamed up with a volunteer state trooper.

When it comes to drug addicts helping themselves, David Duncan, a local recovery center program manager, said, "It seems like it's always in the future, tomorrow. We all know tomorrow never comes."

"In Kentucky, three to four people die of an overdose every single day," Bevin said.

During a press conference, Bevin said this initiative isn't taking away from the government's responsibilities, but adding on to help combat the epidemic.

"These are real human beings. It's very rare that someone wants to addicted to drugs. It's a slippery slope," Bevin said.

If an addict is willing to get help when they come forward to local police, he or she will not be charged or arrested for drug abuse. They will simply get the treatment that best suits them.

​The Angel Initiative is working with the Don't Let Them Die program, also started by Bevin.

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