'The Climb' adventure park reopening to help homeless vets

RUSSELLVILLE, Kentucky (WBKO) -- It's been less than a year since the health department forced "The Climb," an adventure park, to shut down.

"They just shut me down for no apparent reason whatsoever," says Ben Lamb, the owner.

As previously reported, "The Climb" was shut down for reasons stemming from improper permits, among other reasons.

However, Lamb says the park will reopen this summer. Not only will it bring all the joy and fun it brought in the past, but this time it will serve a bigger cause.

Lamb says with the surrounding property, he will install cabins to house homeless veterans. This is all coming from an idea after he founded the non-profit, "Vets Reborn." The organization was created to help homeless vets back on their feet.

The park is going to do just that, Lamb says.

"Initially we're looking to have about 500 cabins out there,"

"All the money that's made for profit over and above the bills will be donated to Vets Reborn to help out with this veteran organization," he added.

Building cabins on the property, allowing homeless to work at "The Climb," and helping them get back out in the real world is the mission for this organization.

"Our goal is to set goals for everybody in our program and let them see their progress, let them see what they're working toward," Lamb says.

He's already partnered with many people in the community to get the project started and many are willing to go even further.

"We've got a ton of different companies that have said if we put these guys through this program, they'll be willing to hire them," he mentions.

Nearly 40 thousand vets are on the streets every night in the United States, but this program is eager to make a difference.

"We're right on track to make one of the biggest moves to end homeless veterans in the state of Kentucky," Lamb says.

To donate, you can visit their website vetsreborn.com/.

Vets Reborn will also be hosting a fundraiser on March 18th at the Spillway Bar and Grill in Bowling Green from 2-7 p.m. 10 percent of sales go straight to the organization.

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