The Medical Center in Bowling Green hosts a Neurosurgery Symposium

Published: Aug. 23, 2019 at 5:11 PM CDT
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A neurosurgery symposium took place Friday where doctors, nurses, nurse practitioners and other members of the medical community learned about new tools and technology that can be used in surgery.

"So we need events like these to actually educate our medical community, the doctors, nurses, the physician extenders like nurse practitioners," said Dr. Narendra Nathoo, neurosurgeon.

One of the tools the Medical Center has been using for brain and spinal surgery is an image guidance system.

"It's basically an advanced form of a GPS where we take a patient for example, if you have a brain tumor we do an MRI or a CT scan of the brain and then we register the patients skull to that image," said Dr. Nathoo. "And then from that point on where ever i use the probe, I am able to see exactly where i am on the skin on the bone in the brain," said Dr. Nathoo.

The Image guidance center helps cuts down on the patients pain and is a more economically feasible type of procedure.

A new robot that was on display that is not at the Med Center yet is the Excelsius GPS. Which acts like a Tesla for surgery because it won't allow the surgeon to get off course.

"We are in the process of trying to acquire a system like this but what has happened here is that building on the image guidance technology that i talked about and now adding a robot to it," said Dr. Nathoo.

This is the first system to marry navigation and robotics.

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