The Medical Center presents 'A Day Just for Women' conference

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- The Medical Center hosts its annual women's conference. A day just for women allowed women to be inspired by each other.

The event also included a motivation speaker who travels all over talking at conferences but this conference was a little more special

"What I talk about through all my programs is your personal power is either hindered or helped by how you choose to interpret a situation or an event so when you change the way you look at things the things you look at change, it makes all the difference, "Amy Dee, motivational speaker.

The conference also allowed women to talk and enjoy the company of other women. They even got a chance to learn about pertinent health issues.

While on break in between sessions women got the chance to walk around and check out booths that had been set up. For shopping, to nails, to chiropractors.

Most importantly the conference allowed everyone to take advantage of free health screenings.

"We struggle with things that guys don't always have like I will often say I wish I had that man's mirror right because they feel so good about themselves and they think they look so good," said Dee.

Dee also added, "The truth is we struggle with that sometimes and we when we just shift our thoughts a little bit we can change the ways we see those things."

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