The Metcalfe County Schools Superintendent announces pending retirement

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The Metcalfe County Schools Superintendent has announced his pending retirement. Dr.Benny Lile made the announcement at the close of the November school board meeting.

Dr.Lile has plans to retire as Superintendent after the 2019-2020 school year ends."Even though I know the time is right, this is one of the more difficult decisions I have ever had to make,” Dr. Lile said.

Dr. Lile has been in education for 35 years. “My first seven years were as a teacher at North Metcalfe Elementary. My last seven will end as superintendent of Metcalfe County Schools. When I think of the people I have encountered during my career I have, without a doubt, been a blessed individual,”Dr. Lile said.

Board chair Joey Shive said the process to select Lile’s replacement will begin immediately. The board hopes to have someone named during the upcoming spring semester.

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