The ONE Campaign visits WKU, discusses poverty and voting

Published: Oct. 10, 2016 at 5:51 PM CDT
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As Election Day quickly approaches, one volunteer group along with a White House bounce house stopped by WKU's campus today to give students the opportunity to let their voices be heard.

Charlie Harris, Regional Field Director for The ONE Campaign, says the event on Monday is informative, yet entertaining for the college students.

"We want them to stop by and take some action, and a quick bounce in the bounce house so it's always a good time."

"As college students, we may not have you know, sort of our own money put in to the game to help see an end to extreme poverty, but we can use our voices and we can sort of leverage the tools that can help see a real difference," Charlie Harris added.

The ONE Campaign is a national non-partisan volunteer group geared to ensure the next president holds on to the legacy of fighting extreme poverty, especially in Africa.

"We want to make sure whoever is elected in November, they come in and protect that legacy of moving forward," Charlie Harris stated.

A legacy moving foward by first collecting voices and taking them to the presidential campaigns.

Ryan Herring, WKU student and first-time voter, stopped by the tabling event.

"I signed a petition that's going to either presidential candidate, if they get elected, and it's going to help them help end poverty in Sub-Saharan Africa."

And Topper student Jocelyn Porter says she understands why it's important to speak out about issues.

"When you send the message to both parties and everyone who's running and let them know Americans care about this, you should too."

And for those who will be voting in their first presidential election this year, they understand the impact their voices can bring.

"Your voice and your opinion is going to be heard once you vote," WKU student Quinton Taylor stated.

"It's important to vote because it's your future, it's your life. What they do now can affect you years to come, and it's important to participate and let your opinion be heard and let them know that you care and this is what you stand for," Jocelyn Porter added.

And Ryan Herring leaves one question for everyone to stop and ask themselves.

"What if it's one vote that matters?"

If you're interested in getting involved with The ONE Campaign, click on the link attached to this story.