The history of the time change

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- Did you remember to turn your clock back 1 hour on November 1st? It was something that most of us did twice a year without really thinking about where the concept originated.

Depending on who you wanted to believe, the answer to that question varied wildly.

Some people credited Benjamin Franklin with the idea all the way back in the 17 hundreds, while others assumed farmers came up with the idea in order to gain some extra daylight hours to work in.

David Serafini, a History Professor at WKU, said for the United States the idea actually dated back to World War I.

"In the second phase of the war, Germany adjusted their clocks to save on fuel and to allow for workers in the factories in Germany to put in a little bit longer hours."

The United States first adopted DST around 1917.

While some people argued that we still needed it to save on electric costs, energy efficient devices meant DST only saved the average American family around 4 dollars per year.

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