Coaching for Academic readiness helps WKU students succeed

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(WBKO) -- CARES is a unique coaching program offered at WKU that provides support to online students from their first class all the way through graduation.

CARES is an acronym for Coaching for Academic Readiness Excellence and Success. It can be a life line for students who find themselves struggling to find both resources and support.

“So you’ve decided on an on-line degree program and you’re all set to go.”

A catchy video tells you all you need to know about CARES, a coaching opportunity for on line students.

“It’s basically for students who need a one stop resource so they’re not having to hunt and find all over campus where all their resources are at.”

Bobbie Stagner is a non-traditional student who first came to WKU in 2003.

“I did two semesters and I didn’t do well”

She says this type of support would have saved her.

“I think if the WKU CARES program had been around I would have succeeded.”

The idea is to communicate in a way that best suits them.

“Whether it is by email, phone call, we’ll even set up a skype session if they’re more comfortable.”

Partnering with the Advising Center’s Best Expectation Program or BEP, coaching is mandatory for on line students who are on academic probation.

Bobbie’s interaction with her coach is what she says keeps her on track to her degree.

“She is always encouraging me to do what I have to do to get to the end goal.”

“We never want any student to fail because they didn’t have the resources available to them.”

“At WKU we believe that nothing is more fundamental to successful learning than a relationship built on trust and knowledge.

The CARES program is currently voluntary or mandatory, depending on a student’s academic standing.

To find out more, email or call 270-745-3028.

With this week’s View from the Hill, I’m Amy Bingham.

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