This Week's View from the Hill: Hilltopper Etiquette Dinner

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Which fork do I use? Which place setting pieces are mine? Even the most basic etiquette questions are answered every year at the Alumni etiquette dinner.

"We try to make it not stiff, not formal, a place where they can feel comfortable to ask questions about etiquette. What's appropriate, what's not appropriate."

WKU faculty member Stacey Gish takes the students through a full course meal serving lots of etiquette tips along the way.

"Just always learning the simple manners making sure you don't put your napkin on the table or don't put your elbow on the table. Simple things because people read into that a lot."

Prior to the sitdown dinner, students had a networking opportunity and a chance to hear from alum Rita-Roberts Turner.

A photographer was even on hand for professional head shots.

"Now I have something I can take with me whenever I meet future employers if they ask me for a head shot. It doesn't have to be something off my phone. It can be something professionally taken."

Sharp says the event has grown from fifty attendees to more than 200 this year.

"We invite all student organizations so you could be in Greek life, campus ministries, you could be with the Department of Communications, whoever you're with."

Some students come year after year and say they learn valuable information every time.

"A lot of students don't ever have the opportunity to see a setting like this before they are in a job interview or a company conference and I think as many people as possible should utilize it."

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