Thousands gather at Chaney's Dairy Barn to view the eclipse

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- Monday's total solar eclipse brought people to South Central Kentucky from all over the world.

People traveled to view what many are calling a historical event in Bowling Green.

Cincinnati, New York, California - just a few of the many parts of the world people ventured from.

Chaney's Dairy Barn offered an open space, which made ideal viewing conditions for the crowd.

"I just saw a solar eclipse right there," says upcoming fifth grader from Michigan, Thomas Oda with excitement.

Excitement was the theme of emotions leading up to the big event.

"This is so crazy. Like that this is not something people get to see like every day."

Some in the crowd have seen an eclipse before, but not like this.

"There was one in '79, but I don't remember a whole lot of it. I think that this is neat to be able to be more involved in it," says Yvonne Powell from Cincinnati.

More involved and complete.

"There's a huge difference between total and 99 percent,"' says Powell.

Even NASA decided to take a break to enjoy the eclipse.

"I'm not officially here as part of NASA, I'm just taking a day off from work," says Patrick Molloy, Software Engineer with NASA.

As totality approached at 1:27 p.m., the temperature suddenly dropped. Once totality hit, the reaction among the crowd was pretty priceless.

"It was the best less than a minute of my life. It was pretty awesome," says young Oda.

"It was more beautiful than I thought it would be, once it was in totality it was amazing," says Kay Forwick.

Some were even speechless.

"I'm trying to think of words to impress the camera, but nope, I can't. You just have to be here," says Bowling Green resident Joey Rivera.

Any inconveniences ceased to exist throughout the day.

"It was worth pulling them out of school," says Forwick.

There was an estimate of around three thousand people there.

Many, if not all, appeared to be satisfied and left in awe.

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