Three Butler County towns say yes to alcohol sales

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MORGANTOWN, Ky. (WBKO) - In January, Butler County voted 54 percent to 46 percent to remain a dry county as they always have been.

Only eight months later, many living there find themselves in a similar situation.

Due to the failure of that earlier vote, a new vote Tuesday only includes three cities. Rochester, Morgantown, and Woodbury.

Tuesday unofficial final results showed that the sale of alcohol was approved in all three cities.

The votes will become official Wednesday morning. According to the Butler County' Clerks Office the voting was as followed:

Morgantown: Yes 309 No 210

Rochester: Yes 31 No 27

Woodbury: Yes 30 No 14

Before the vote Tuesday, the people of the three towns found themselves.

"It would cut down on DUIs on the 231 strip between Morgantown and Bowling Green; also Morgantown and Beaver Dam," said Woodbury resident William Gregory.

"Those that drink, I feel that they can go elsewhere to get their alcohol. It makes it too easy for the teenagers here," said Morgantown voter Vila Lavette Johnson.

A debate that fueled arguments months ago, is in the forefront of Morgantown, Rochester, and Woodbury in Butler County.

With each city comes differing opinions still. Many who are saying yes are focusing on an expected economic boost.

"I want to see new companies come in to Morgantown. We could have more people with jobs, but we have to progress," said Helen Deninger.

Voters opposing the change lined main roads in Morgantown with a reminder of the way they want their community to stay.

The last county vote may have failed, but it passed in the Morgantown precinct, having many predict the way things may end tonight.

"Neither one of us are drinkers whatsoever, but I'd like to see it go through anyway," said Woodbury voter Kelly Gregory.

With a strong, steady turnout Tuesday, people living in each community felt it could have gone either way.

No city voted strongly one way or the other, but each had the majority in the yes column, meaning a lot of changes will be coming to Butler County in the near future.

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