Three-year-old heart transplant recipient collecting toys for celebratory milestone

Published: May. 24, 2017 at 3:18 PM CDT
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A young Glasgow heart transplant recipient is giving back to the hospital that gave him his heart.

Back in 2016, then two-year-old Walker Ballard received his heart transplant in after battling a congenital heart defect at the Nationwide Children's Hospital.

Walker and his mother are collecting toys for the same hospital up until the last week week of May as a way to celebrate his one-year transplant anniversary. Walker and his mother Tabitha hope Walker's story moves people to become organ donors.

"Someday he will have to have another heart transplant. We're hoping this heart lasts ten to fifteen years. I've heard of cases where it only lasts a couple of years, so that is something that we know down the road, in his future, he will need another heart," Tabitha Ballard stated.

If you're interested in becoming an organ donor to help people like Walker, click on the first link attached to this story. If you would like to donate to Walker's toy drive, click on the second website link to take you to the Nationwide Children's Hospital "Ways To Give" web page.

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