Timothy Madden makes first court appearance in 6 months

Published: Jul. 13, 2016 at 8:53 PM CDT
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Since Gabbi Doolin was raped and murdered on November 14, the search for justice has focused on evidence.

Wednesday, the defense in the case received that mountain of paperwork stretching hundreds of pages.

Setting the tone in court Wednesday afternoon during Timothy Madden's first court appearance in six months was the woman tasked with presiding over the proceedings, Judge Janet Crocker.

"This case is of course the most difficult case any of us will ever have to deal with in our careers."

No cameras or cell phones allowed in the courtroom, Timothy Madden strolled by his family with a slight smile before sitting in a chair he's becoming all too familiar with.

"Mr. Madden has not changed anything he has said," said Madden's attorney, Travis Lock.

Two motions were discussed in court, one to limit pre-trial publicity, and another to test remaining evidence in the case.

A computer and a cell phone are finishing being tested, but both sides in the case are asking for the rest of the DNA at the KSP crime lab to be run.

"We're all not happy with how slow it's going, but we understand that, that's the process. We just want justice served," said Lori Doolin Wilson.

Wilson is a representative of the family to the media Wednesday. Gabbi Doolin's cousin described the lack of healing and the intensity of their pain.

"It's sadness, it's overcast all the time. She was a bubbly child and a wonderful child. Always made people laugh. There's something missing."

Timothy Madden's attorney received all of the evidence including DNA, interviews, and police reports for the first time Tuesday. He said that evidence is going to take a long to go through.

"If a trial date is scheduled, I would anticipate that being in the summer of next year."

Both sides in the case will be back in court on September 7 for another pre-trial hearing.

Long days only getting longer for parents awaiting justice.

"For Brian and Amy, everyday is long. I don't think the court has anything to do with that," said Wilson.

That court hearing on September 7 will discuss the progress of the rest of the DNA set to be tested, and also the possibility of publicity limitations before a trial.

The motion filed by the commonwealth to limit publicity, cited the possibility of a venue change in the case as the reason they are asking for it. They're worried news stories could alter potential jury pools in counties where the trial could end up taking place.

Madden's attorney said he hadn't made his mind up yet, if a change of venue is something he plans to ask for.

Gabbi Doolin was killed on November 14 in a creek on the campus of Allen County-Scottsville High School during her brother's little league football game.

Her cause of death was listed as strangulation and drowning.

Timothy Madden was arrested on November 20 where he shouted his innocence while being escorted to a police cruiser.

Madden is charged with rape, sodomy, kidnapping, and murder. The commonwealth is seeking the death penalty.