Timothy Madden to appear in court Thursday

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SCOTTSVILLE, Ky. (WBKO) -- The man accused of killing seven-year-old Gabbi Doolin in November 2015 will be in court Thursday.

Timothy Madden is facing charges of murder, rape first degree (victim less than 12 years of age), sodomy first degree (victim less than 12 years of age), and kidnapping (victim death).

Thursday's court appearance at the Allen County Judicial Center will be Madden's first since being granted a change of venue in August.

It's unclear where the change of venue will land Madden's trial, but what is clear, is that it will not be in Allen County.

Madden's attorney, Travis Lock says he received preliminary results of a study on Wednesday, from the WKU Social Science Research Center, that show, even in surrounding counties, Madden still may not get a fair trial.

"What that survey tells us is that the state of public opinion in the adjacent counties is much like that which we saw in Allen County," he explains. "A majority of the citizens of those four adjacent counties, believe that this defendant is guilty. Approximately 75-85% of those believe that the defendant is 'definitely' guilty."

As part of that survey, Lock says he also wanted to look into a place that would be a more suitable venue for Madden's trial, one he believes he's found in Christian County.

"That survey actually indicated that only 11% of the citizens of Christian County believed that this defendant was guilty. That, compared to the roughly 60% in the adjacent counties," he goes on. "I chose Christian County as a venue to survey because I think Christian County has a phenomenal Justice Center."

The adjacent counties that Lock believes would yield unfair trial results are Warren, Barren, Simpson, and Monroe Counties.

Tomorrow's court appearance, presumably, is a status hearing to update the court on where both the defense and the prosecution stand in this case.

Madden's defense team has 60 days from when a change of venue was granted to make a further motion. Travis Lock plans to file the information he received from the survey either Wednesday evening or early Thursday.

He hopes the information is enough to keep Madden's trial out of the general area.

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