Top Crops sign unveiling at WKU Farm

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- Several local partners have worked to create a sign for the Top Crops organization. The new sign was unveiled Saturday night at the WKU Ag Farm.

Those involved with the project say it's a huge benefit to have the new visibility.

"A lot of people don't know about Top Crops, and our garden site is set off away from the road. Unless you're directly involved with it, you may know nothing about it -- or if you come by the Farmer's Market," says Bill Greer, one of the Top Crop founders.

The Top Crops organization works to continue education for individuals with special needs.

"We've worked with the special needs community for a long time. They've got just as much potential as any of us have," adds Greer.

Through Top Crops, Greer says participants learn how to "garden, to plant, tend, harvest. They go to the Farmer's Market, and they're selling their goods -- local and healthy produce -- to a very inviting public."

Partners such as WKU's $100 Solution program and WKU's Honor's College helped design the new sign to mark Top Crop's gardening location on the Farm.

Greer describes members of the $100 Solution Class as, "folks who want to find ways to make a difference in the community. They're not just focused on themselves and their studies. They're focused on making a difference to others."

The groups have worked together before for marketing and branding projects at the Farmer's Market, but Greer says this sign is a big deal for them.

He told 13 News, "Tonight [Saturday] is just a reminder to me that it's all about partnering with others -- connecting with others -- finding ways where together -- we all benefit."

The new sign sits just off the shoulder by the light at Nashville Rd. and Elrod Rd.

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