Tour des Trees stops through Bowling Green; raising awareness, funds for tree research

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- Dozens of cyclists left Nashville Monday morning to embark on a journey to help trees.

(Photo: Madison Martin)

The Tour des Trees has been going on for decades, and the rides take place somewhere new each year across the country, with cyclists from all over as well.

This year the cyclists are taking a tour through Kentucky and Tennessee.

On Monday, the 75+ bicyclists traveled north to eventually touch down in Bowling Green for the evening. Earlier in the day, their itinerary shows that they made their way through pep rallies in Tennessee before taking a rest stop in Allen County.

A tree was planted at Basil Griffin Park in celebration of the cause.

One supporter, who's husband has been cycling for the tour since 2001, says the cyclists' passion for the cause -- to improve tree research and help the environment -- is what shines.

"These are your basic landscapers," Karen Grimm laughed, a woman from Syracuse, New York, whose husband and daughter are cycling in the tour this year. "These are the guys that have had landscaping businesses for years, or they're arborists for the city, or they have some involvement in the tree care industry."

The cyclists are set to make their way to Owensboro Tuesday, before continuing on to Pennyrile State Forest, Clarksville, and returning to Nashville on Friday.

The group is scheduled to cover well over 400 miles.

For more information on what the tour is fundraising for, visit the TREE Fund's website.

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