Two escaped inmates caught in Warren County

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- Two escaped inmates from two different counties both caught in Warren County separately on Saturday.

But many may question, how did it happen...

On April 10th, officials say Shannon Wyatt walked out of the Barren County Detention Center

According to authorities, Wyatt was being transported from the Allen County Detention Center, on April 11, 2019, Barren County Jailer Aaron Bennett spoke on what happened when Wyatt was in the holding room.

"When the first officer left, he didn't close the door securely behind him and what happened was, Mr. Wyatt saw that and I guess from his experience in jail, he didn't hear it slam so he knew it wasn't secured. So, he kind of sat there for a few minutes and then he got up and said to that officer, 'Well, I'm finally being released' and walked out the door."

Three days later, on April 13, Wyatt is caught in Bowling Green.

Also on April 10, in Muhlenberg County, Charles Pedigo left the Green River Correctional Complex.

Officials say Pedigo also walked away from the facility.

Three days later, on April 13, Pedigo is also caught in Warren County... at a residence on H.E. Johnson Road.

"When deputies arrived out there they were able to make contact with an individual and through subsequent investigation, they were able to determine that he had actually escaped from the Green River Correctional Complex." -- Brett Hightower, Warren County Sheriff's Office.

After speaking with the homeowner, she described how it happened.

She says Pedigo was making her dog bark a lot which woke her up... She adds that she heard Pedigo attempt to open the door multiple times.

She then called police and Pedigo was arrested on her porch.

Hightower spoke on both captures.

"It's a little unusual but two different escapees both found in Warren County on the same day is not out of the norm for some of the larger communities across the United States."

Both men are at the Warren County Regional Jail until they're transported back.

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