Two women who poisoned husband's soup found guilty

Published: Dec. 2, 2015 at 9:19 PM CST
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The two women accused of poisoning Dewayne Reid's soup from a Bowling Green restaurant in 2014 appeared in court this morning.

Judy Reid, of Bowling Green, and Kimberly Vincent, of Brownsville, were found guilty of criminal attempt to commit murder, among other charges.

It all started with a romantic affair, which Judy Reid's attorney claims Kimberly Vincent initiated.

"And so, with this whole situation, Kim Vincent decided that she wanted to have a relationship with Judy Reid, a romantic relationship. And one of the ways she might have been able to accomplish that was if Dewayne Reid wasn't in the picture," Judy Reid's attorney Alan Simpson said.

Of the pair, it was Vincent who poisoned the soup.

"She has testified in Mr. and Mrs. Reid divorce case, she testified that she actually administered the dose of pain medication in the soup, in the famous bowl of soup," Simpson said.

Judy Reid's defense says she suffers from depression and severe emotional disturbance, now and during the incident.

"I think they took that into account. So we were able to work out a plea agreement that both sides were able to live with," Simpson added.

Vincent's defense says her personal history was difficult to overcome but still managed a successful career.

"It's very sad for Ms. Vincent's standpoint. At one time she was a advocate for children within the court system. She had done a lot of good in her career, unfortunately she committed, I believe she was manipulated into committing a defense that just required her to have to go to prison," Commonwealth's Attorney Chris Cohron said.

Now that the case is closed, Dewayne Reid can pick up the pieces.

"I think Mr. Reid is extremely thankful for the hard work of the Bowling Green Police Department and law enforcement assisting in this situation. I think as much as anything, he can finally exhale and start to move on with his life," Cohron said.

Judy Reid will serve 15 years in prison and Kimberly Vincent will serve 10 years. Both are eligible for parole after serving three years.

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