UAW Local Post 2164 discusses going back to work at the Corvette plant

Published: May. 20, 2020 at 3:17 PM CDT
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The last day workers reported for their shift at the Corvette plant was in March since then workers have been drawing unemployment.

Starting next Tuesday on May 26 the plant will reopen. They will have only one shift return to work, it is not known at this time when the plant will resume a two-shift schedule.

"All the seniority members are going to get an option and many of our temps will also end up getting that option there will obviously have to be people that have to come in but that is just kind of nature on how that all works," said Jason Watson, Local 2164 Shop Chairman.

After 11 weeks of no production, 2020 Corvettes will soon begin rolling off the assembly line at the plant, this could potentially put them way behind schedule.

"So obviously the number of orders that we have received from this car, which were very pleasing and again we feel blessed that the car seems like it is being welcomed-- unfortunately this many weeks of production not being able to make them will likely put a wrench in some things,' added Watson. "But we know the company has reached out to a lot of its customers and dealerships in order to have them start handling that through General Motors."

When Corvette plant workers return next week they will have to wear masks and get their temperatures taken before entering. Inside the plant, they are also taking a few extra safety precautions as well.

"Once inside the plant there are going to be some changes --fans obviously that we have inside of these big factories that typically help and move the air around they have to be kind of redirected as far as ventilation," added Watson. "They can't be blowing across numerous people so those are just some of the things. Sanitizing is one good aspect of this because the company that cleans a lot of stuff in the plant they have hired a lot of extra people to clean and sanitize in between break times for us."

Workers will also be responsible for cleaning and sanitizing their own tools that they use on the line.

Along with plant closing so did the UAW Local 2164 Solidarity Hall but they will be reopening soon to hold meetings after they receive directions on how to reopen.

"Well I have asked for direction on some of that whether 33% occupancy or more than that can we have in here," said Jack Bowers, Local 2164 President. "If we are wearing masks can we be closer like in the facility working at the plant? So those are things that are being worked on now and questioned now so I can design this so we can get the maximum amount of people in here."

Local Post 2164 has not officially decided when they will be reopening their Solidarity Hall.

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