UAW enters into day four of GM strike; members work behind the scenes to make sure everyone has what they need

Published: Sep. 19, 2019 at 3:51 PM CDT
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The UAW has officially gone into day 4 of a nationwide strike against General Motors. The local 2164 post solidary hall has things going on behind the scenes, while members are still outside the Corvette plant picketing.

At the local 2164 central hub a schedule of duties are posted and a counselor is on hand for anyone that needs to speak to them. They are still making signs for those to use outside the plant and members are preparing meals in the kitchen.

"It's not just members that we are making sure have food out on the lines and water and what not. It is also for members that maybe weren't able to financially prepare as well for this impact," said Jason Watson, Local 2164 Shop Chairman.

"So that maybe they can come over and get a meal and get something in their belly and or their family members as well," added Watson.

With the help of the local community making donations they're able to feed everyone who needs it.

"Since the strike began we have been receiving lots of donations from people in the community, from other unions, our fellow union brother and sisters here in Bowling green. All the food that's been donated has gone into the kitchen," said Nancy Childress, Local 2164 Recording Secretary.

Even UAW members from the Ford plant in Louisville are driving down to Bowling Green to help.

"They're going to cook for us on Monday. They are just going to take care of us, they have been coming down here all week and walking the lines with us. We have a lot of support from not just this community, but all of the communities. We are working together to take care of each other,"said Jack Bowers, Local 2164 President.

There have not been any newer developments in a deal with GM and the UAW. We will continue to keep you updated as their strike continues